Sketchbook Drawing: Mapping

Sketchbook: Map 1

A page from my sketchbook. Map making. A path that emerges on the page. 

Mixed media: Feral Inks – Oak Gall + Pine Charcoal, chinograph pencil + graphite. 


Feral Ink. Experiment

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 18.04.21

Beetroot + Homemade Lye Water

There is so much to learn about the alchemy of altering the Ph balance of certain organic inks. The moment of questioning before adding the alkaline Lye, and the moment of dropping it on and watching the colour shift and change. A joyful and curious thing.

Watch the video on my Instagram page.


Feral Ink.

I have been hiding a little something…. My mess. My grubby fingers and dirty nails. Stained with berries and walnuts, acorns and dandelion roots.

I have been making Feral Ink. and using it to paint, write, draw and dye.

It is a joy. An adventure. A celebration of the natural world in learning how colour would be extracted long before synthetic dyes were about.

Inspired by Nick Neddo, Rebecca Desnos and Babs Behan I have been fermenting and straining, boiling and filtering.

Here are some images from my conversation with colour so far…

Walnut Ink Making

Black Walnut Ink Making: From the neighbour’s tree. A few made it past the squirrels.

Sloe Ink - Grinding.

Sloe Ink: Grinding sloes with a pestle and mortar. 

Sloe Ink

Sloe Ink: The first colour. These sloes were collected on a walk in Little Barrington, The Cotswolds, while visiting family. 

Avocado Experiment 1

Avocado Stones: Experiment No 1. This was my first natural dye experiment and it made me very happy. That pink! 

Gan-Gan: A Film by Gemma Green-Hope

I recently came across the touching and soothing piece of beauty by the animator and film-maker Gemma Green-Hope . I began volunteering a few hours a week at Span-Arts in Narberth, Pembrokeshire a few weeks ago and Gemma has been working on the Digidol::Digital project there, facilitating people to create work – and an app – around death and memorial.